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Business Templates, Spreadsheets, Calculators and Forms for Microsoft Excel® and Word®

Spreadsheet123 offers a large variety of free business templates specifically designed to offer a great solution for start-ups as well as for many growing business needs. Whether you are starting a new business or simply trying to find a low-cost solution for your existing one, these Excel and Word templates are always a great place to start.

For many small businesses, a good template is a good place to start the project that offers benefits of saving great amount of time, budget and frustration.


Majority of the business templates in the list below are distinctly marked as "FREE". You may download them at your convenience. These are full-featured and unlocked versions available free of charge as a courtesy to our visitors. The templates which are not free, will still let you download a free version with limited functionality or a free trial.

End User Licensing: All templates are distributed under two different license agreements. License that allows to use templates within your entire company and is not restricted by a single-user agreement. Read our Company Use license agreement for more details. For the most part you are not allowed to share or distribute the files or any derived documents or modified versions outside of your company. Some business templates may also have some additional restrictions or exceptions, like purchase order, account statement or invoices. We also offer a Commercial Use license for some of our templates and financial calculators and forms.


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