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Payroll Calculator

A handy calculator for running multiple payroll tasks, analysis and simulations - by
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Payroll Calculator

for Excel® 2003+
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Payroll Calculator
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Template Specifications
Microsoft Excel® 2003 or Higher (PC & Mac)
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Excel 2003(XP)
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Excel 2007 +
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Payroll Calculator Pro

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Microsoft Excel® 2003 or Higher (PC & Mac)
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Specifications of the Commercial Version
  • Unlocked - so that you can customize it just a little more.
  • Ability to insert more rows
  • Technical Support (for 90 days)
  • 1 Bonus Spreadsheet Included
Bonus Downloads
Work Shift Schedule with Breaks
Bonus #1

Work Shift Schedule with Breaks

Modified version of the original Work Shift Schedule spreadsheet, except that this one allows for 30 minute breaks and shift is split on before break and after break sections. The timecard follows the same principal, which makes easier for employee to clock-in and clock-out when going for break.

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