Spreadsheet123 Approved Excel Consulting Service

Spreadsheet123 approved and recommended Excel Consultants by Dr. A Bejanishvili

Have a task you would want to automate in Excel such as reports, data entry, and data manipulation, formatting, custom function/formula creation or complex calculations? Need help with writing custom VBA macro? Have a corrupt Excel spreadsheet file you want to recover? Or if you need help customizing or modifying one of Spreadsheet123's templates? I would be delighted to help everyone. However, I do not have the time to do so, but I can certainly give you a glowing recommendation.

What Spreadsheet123 Approved consultants can do for you.

Spreadsheet123 trusts the consultants presented on this page as they have agreed to maintain high ethical standards and strict compliance with the copyright laws, and fully understand the limitations of Spreadsheet123's terms of use while working with customers on the customization of Spreadsheet123's templates.

Spreadsheet123's Approved consultants are approved at our discretion and valued for the following qualities:

  1. Quality of the work performed
  2. Performance
  3. Worked with Spreadsheet123 and maintained an exceptional standard.

Spreadsheet123's Approved consultants can help you with the following:

  • Data visualization: creating or updating graphs, charts, etc.
  • Developing custom templates that meet your business needs
  • Creating a dashboard, scorecard or executive summary
  • Checking a document for duplicate records
  • Recovering a corrupt file
  • Writing a function or formula
  • Auditing documents for mistakes
  • Formatting or reorganizing a spreadsheet
  • Writing a simple macro
  • etc.

They will not remove copyright notices, trademarks, and other Spreadsheet123 attributions nor will they violate the terms of use of Spreadsheet123's templates.

They will not remove passwords from the password protected worksheet on any Spreadsheet123 template, where such a password exists.

They will not create a product from any Spreadsheet123 template that you can share with your clients or sell.

Spreadsheet123 Approved Consultants

Spreadsheet123 ApprovedExcelRescue

ExcelRescue has developed a system that allows them to provide one-on-one consulting services for both small and large Excel consulting projects covering tasks such as helping customize templates, data visualization, graphs, and charts, recovering a corrupt file, writing custom VBA macro, functions and formulas.

ExcelRescue provides competitive pricing structure and a simple form for submitting the task as well as a money-back guarantee for certain projects, and adherence to a strict non-disclosure agreement. Majority of the Excel Consultants are geared up for larger projects and do not take projects that are less than a few hours, which make the ExcelRescue a great resource to handle your Excel projects.

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