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COVID-19 Interactive Excel Map

Covid-19 Excel Interactive Map

Download this Interactive Excel Map, which lets you view and interact with coronavirus data obtained from the online source. You can refresh data in Excel to get new information and update the map.

Custom Date Formats in Excel

Custom Date Formats in Excel thumbnail

Learn how to create custom date formats in Excel to change the appearance of the date, add text, change the display language, improve the presence of the date on the chart axes, and more.

Technical Support for Payroll Calculator Pro

Technical Support for Payroll Calculator Pro thumbnail

This article provides answers to the questions, such as “how to backup existing data”, which can be an issue that arise when changes are made to employees salary and allowance. Your questions and comments are welcomed.

Manage your credit cards and debts wisely

Manage your credit cards and debts wisely thumbnail

Spreadsheet123 has developed Credit Card Pay-off calculator and Debt Reduction Manager spreadsheet to help you plan and manage your pay-off strategies. This article provides some debt pay-off tips and Excel tools to help with your day-to-day money management. Questions and comments are welcome.

Save Time with Excel Chart Templates

Save Time with Excel Chart Templates thumbnail

In Excel create your very own Excel chart templates, customize charts with colors that matches your brand or task specific requirements. Format your chart only once, create different variations of the frequiently used charts, then save them as templates and use time and time again.