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Spreadsheet123's Wedding Budget Calculator can help you keep the spending for your wedding within the framework of a manageable budget. You may want to spend on a plethora of things, such as a wedding gown, garments, cakes, flowers, venue, professional photographer, menu, etc. That is perfectly understandable and, in most cases, attainable, as long as one plans, budgets and starts preparations in advance. It is really important to have a memorable wedding and it is just as important to have it within your budget.


Our wedding budget calculator allows you to allocate a budget for each spending category. It maintains a record of the actual amount used and the estimated amount that was originally set. The difference is automatically calculated for you in order to retain control over the spending. It also calculates additional funds you may need to procure. The wedding budget is an easy to use template. It can help you plan and organize an affordable and, by the same token, a plush event.

Wedding Budget Calculator

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How to Use Wedding Budget Calculator

It is advisable that, as a couple, you begin to prepare for the upcoming wedding months in advance. Prepare a few essential lists for the guests, gifts, decorations, venues, makeup, gifts, etc. The Wedding Planner template has 14 sheets that will enable you to sort the expenses into various sub-heads. The tool gives you flexibility by allowing to allocate greater funds for certain events and by reducing the budget for superfluous costs.

Our Wedding Budget is a two-page template which records all the expenses that are typically incurred in a wedding and offsets them with a budget preset by you. Breaking down the expenses into categories helps you analyze your expenditures more clearly and rationally. It is important to identify accurately the available funds, to acknowledge the financial limitations and, finally, to realize possibilities before planning your wedding. Your wedding budget template stores the net amount of Contributions that you wish to spend for the event against the actual amount that you have already allocated. The Estimated Expenses and the Actual Expenses Summaries clearly indicate the difference that is automatically calculated for you in order to understand the overall dynamics of your expenditures and to keep your spending in check with your financial reality.

The wedding budget page displays the actual expense, estimated expense and variance for each category in a tabular manner. The following expense categories are identified within the wedding budget template:

  • Apparel: a big proportion of the budget is required for the grooming, which includes dresses for the bride, apparel for the parents, groom, page boys, etc. In addition to this, other expenses, such as for the jewelry, accessories, etc. should also be taken into consideration.
  • Transportation: each and every kind of transportation service that would be required for the wedding day has to be clearly defined right from the main car to the guest cars, parking fees, taxis, etc.
  • Flowers: floral decor is an integral part of every celebration and you must keep in mind that a wedding is the most flowery affair there is. Each step in the wedding requires its own flower arrangement: designer bouquets for the bride, corsages for ladies, boutonniere for the groom, buttonholes for the gentlemen, church decorations, etc. One must understand that a hefty budget is required for this category, so plan for that.
  • Gifts: a decent budget might be required for gifts to be distributed, plant for that as well.
  • Stationery & Printing: estimates budget that would be required for publishing invitations, napkins, stamps, menus, table plan frames & photos, etc.
  • Music: Any wedding event would be incomplete without music. Allocate a budget for a DJ, a band, musicians, etc.
  • Decorations: each event needs to be decorated keeping in mind a different decor. The budget is estimated for candlelight's, balloons, lighting, etc.
  • Photography: a professional photographer needs to be hired well in advance and it would be a good idea to allocate a budget for various, albums, videotapes, parents' albums, Polaroid camera & film, etc.
  • Reception: food & drinks served at the breakfast and reception also need to be budgeted. Marquee is also required to be paid.
  • Other Expenses: weddings come with many unplanned expenses. It is really important to keep a certain budget to handle some pleasant serendipities.

The Estimator page of the spreadsheet helps to allocate a budget for each category manually or automatically. In the auto-allocation option, the amount that can be spent on each category is automatically calculated based on the entries made in the Wedding Budget Sheet. Whereas in the manual mode, you must enter the percentage share of the budget that each category can spend.

We recommend that you do not to change or delete the pre-defined formulas of the template, if you do, the entire template may be altered, as the various fields have interconnecting formulas and the results after such changes would lack accuracy.

Excel Function used in this calculator

  • ISBLANK(Value)
  • SUM(number1, [number2], [number3], [number4], ...)
  • IF(logical_test, value_if_true, [value_if_false])

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