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Looking for an Excel Payroll Calculator that will help to calculate the payroll for your organization in-line the Federal Tax Rules.

This Payroll Calculator template helps you in calculating and maintaining the records of pay and deductions for each employee. You can maintain a highly confidential employee register where you can record employee information like name, address, date of joining, annual salary, federal allowances, pre tax holdings, post tax deductions and many more details. For calculating the payroll of an employee you will need additional information like:

  • Gross pay of an employee before deductions
  • Taxable amount
  • All statutory payments made
  • Taxable benefits & expenses

This template has five worksheets that perform various functions. First worksheet is the employee register that stores detailed information about each employee, the payroll calculator worksheet helps you in calculating the payroll based upon the sick and vacation hours along with the worked regular and overtime hours. The third worksheet helps you in generating the pay stubs. The fourth worksheet has the YTD payroll information and the fifth worksheet shows the Federal Tax tables.

Payroll Calculator

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Using the template

Begin by downloading the template and setting up your employee register. This template provides five set of spreadsheets to calculate the payroll of employees in your organization. The employee register is a highly confidential worksheet that stores detailed information of every employee like the personal information of each employee their salaries any other benefits that company offers them and so forth.

Once the detailed information of each employee is entered into the employee register you can now automatically calculate the payrolls using the Payroll Calculator. We need to enter the regular hours, sick hours, overtime hours and any other hours that the employee has availed. Also the template needs the rate of the overtime hour in order to calculate the payroll. The sheet has a set of pre-defined calculation formulas that calculate the Net Pay of each employee. Once the Net Pay has been calculated the Pay Stubs spreadsheet helps to generate Pay stubs of each employee these pay stubs can be sent to every employee; this helps them in understanding the breakup of the pay-out. The Pay stub shows the detailed YTD regular hours, sick hours, etc. It also shows the Gross pay and the YTD pay. The sheet also provides a graphical view of the data that helps in understanding the payroll, easily.

The YTD worksheet records a summary of payrolls dispersed to each employee from the beginning of the year till date. You can enter the information here, manually. We have kept it manual to avoid any complexity. This calculator is suitable for small and midsize companies. Then there is the Federal Tax Tables spreadsheet that provides the details of the IRS Publications that specifies the rules and rates for percentage method tables for withhold amount for an annual payroll period for single person or a married person. The Federal Tax Tables are subject to annual renewal and the links to publication are available within the template. This payroll calculator is best suited to track and calculate the payroll of every employee easily and efficiently.

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Payroll Calculator for California

This version is specifically designed for calculating employee payroll tax in California. We have included California State tax table and links to official publications where all information in the tax tables was obtained from. Pay Stubs and Year to Date (YTD) were also adjusted to include all necessary information.

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How to calculate Payroll of an employee?

The payroll calculator automatically calculates the payroll of every employee; we need to make sure that the details of each employee are complete and properly added into the spreadsheet. The details should include regular hours, holiday hours, vacation hours, sick hours, overtime hours and so forth. Also the corresponding rate for each kind of hour needs to be specified. The spreadsheet also has information about the federal tax withholdings and deductions that are to be kept in mind before calculating the payroll. Once the spreadsheet has all the desired information then it can be simply used to generate the Pay stubs. The template has an in-built calculation formula that automatically calculates the payroll for each employee.

What is the YTD Payroll?

The YTD payroll is the Year To Date earnings that records the summary of the payroll of every employee. You can manually record the complete details of pay-outs for all employee records for the current year right from the beginning of the year to the last payment that has been made. The spreadsheet also has other details like pay period, hourly breakage, pre-tax withholdings, federal, state and payroll tax and the post tax deductions.

Functions used in template

  • IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])
  • SUM(number1, [number2], [number3], [number4], ...)
  • INDEX(array,row_num,column_num)
  • ISBLANK(value)
  • MATCH(lookup_value, lookup_array, [match_type])
  • OR(logical1,logical2,...)

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