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COVID-19 Interactive Excel Map

Excel Covid-19 Interactive Map

In response to the current crisis in the world where all people around the globe are trying to do what they can to combat this new virus known as COVID-19, we have created this interactive World Map in Excel that allows you to view data on the coronavirus spread.

The map in the spreadsheet which you can download below on this page uses an external web source that allows receiving new data by refreshing the data source in Excel. The map feature is only available to users of the Office 365, Excel 2016, and Excel 2019. You can also view and interact with this workbook in the mobile version of Excel for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices with limited functionality. The Excel for mobile currently lacks Data Refresh functionality, which means that you will not be able to obtain new data while using this map on your mobile.

Additionally, we’ve added a drop-down box that lets you switch between statistics to view on the map. You can view data for any particular country of interest using a slicer that we included in this spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet also contains a discount code COVID19 that lets you purchase our products at a discount price.

Download the Spreadsheet File (coronavirus-cases-interactive-map.xlsx)

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