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Are you worried about the profitability of your beverage operation?

Why not use this template, it can help you in keeping track of your beverage use. You can use it to improve your profitability and control the beverage losses. It gives a quick overview of overall actual purchase costs, actual revenue and gross profit or loss and all this can be tracked weekly.


Beverage Stocktake Template

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Using the template

Begin with setting up your company, this template allows you to set country specific tax rate, currency. You can record the Unit of Measure, volumes and sizes for all type of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

After this, create inventory list which includes entering the beverage name, package details, single unit volume, unit of measure, cost per bottle, per shot and retail price per shot and per bottle. This template gives you the flexibility of establishing the correct measure of your stockline by defining the "Unit". Once everything is recorded, you are ready for recording the opening stock and tracking stock movement, week by week. We recommend taking the stock at the same time/same day. This is a very simple and easy to use template hence training of your team members on "How to take the stock?" can be done easily.

This template gives you the exact variance by key lines of beverage inventory. You will have accurate stock take figures every week. You can also see the entire overview of your beverage stock on one page at any point of time in a month.

Beverage Stocktake Pro

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Bonus Downloads

Monthly Beverage Stocktake
Bonus #1

Monthly Beverage Stocktake

The modified version of the Beverage Stocktake template, suitable for performing monthly inventory counts instead of doing so weekly. Uses the same very principals as pro version, except that if you have more than one delivery per month, you would need to add cumulative quantities of the stock into the Purchases column. If you do not require to perform inventory counts with monthly frequency, you can use this very spreadsheet for other periodic inventory counts and analyses.

View Screenshot

How to calculate Monthly Net Revenue (NR), Net Revenue Surplus, and Value of Stock Loss?

Since we are managing stock taking on per week basis, Monthly Net Revenue is the sum of Actual Net Revenue every week. Please note that this is exclusive of sales tax. Actual Net revenue is more than the Actual Net Revenue.

Net Revenue Surplus is the amount you are left with after taxes and other obligations. It is calculated as

(Actual Purchase Cost (AP) - Actual Spending Allowance (AC)) / 1 - Growth Profit % (GP) / Growth Profit % (GP) + (Actual Purchase Cost (AP) - Actual Spending Allowance (AC)

Value of stock loss is calculated from actual retail price and variance based on actual shots sold.

What is Growth Profit% and Achieved GP%?

Growth Profit percentage is the planned value of growth, it is also known as Budgeted Gross Profit.

Achieved Growth profit percentage is calculated by subtracting the actual retail price from the Actual Net Revenue and dividing the result by actual retail price and multiplying by 100. It interprets the health of your business; the higher it is the more profitable is your beverage business.

What is Spending Allowance and Actual Purchase?

Spending allowance is calculated as Monthly Net Revenue * (1 - Growth Profit %) - Total Value of Stock at Opening + Actual Purchase is the sum of actual stock taken every week.

We recommend you to create a new file every month by making a duplicate of last month's stock take. This way you will save time as you already have the initial setup information in the file. You just need to add inventory and manage the stock take again.

Instructions on how to use this Beverage Stocktake template is provided within the template itself, in a form of a links to the topics and also as a pop up comments and are always available as you go along.

Beverage Stocktake FAQs

One of the most frequent questions that I get asked is how to add more rows to our Beverage Stocktake template? I have created short video below that helps to answer this question.

Video: Adding more rows

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Functions used in template

  • IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])
  • SUM(number1, [number2], [number3], [number4], ...)

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