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Keep your hosting access credentials in one place using this simple hosting register - by Alex Bejanishvili
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If you own or run multiple websites and blogs then it is definitely a sign of growth and success, however remembering all the login details of the hosting access and ftp access of these multiple websites, especially when you keep changing the passwords periodically is very difficult. Most of the owners choose to keep either the same or an easy to guess password for the websites but that's by far not the best way to do it. In fact you do compromise on the security of your information, this way.


Also, it important to have these details as quickly as possible when you need them and this where Spreadsheet123 Hosting Register template helps you. You can keep the login information of all your digital realm, safe and organized with this template.

Hosting Register

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Disclaimer - This template and information on this page is for educational and illustrative purpose only. Use this information and template at your own risk. will not and can not be held liable for any damages or loss caused by use of this template.

Using Hosting Register

Managing multiple website and blogs can become a challenge, if the login information is not available quickly. Spreadsheet123 Hosting Register helps you in recording the details so that they are easily accessible when you need them. It helps in storing:

  • Website information which includes website URL and IP Address
  • Hosting Access details which includes host name, access URL, username and password
  • FTP access details which includes Host, username, password and port

While this template helps you in recording the most important details of each website, if required you can also add more columns to record more information. You can also add more rows to add more websites details. This template is great help for all the freelance web developers and web design studios too, who typically tend to manage multiple websites for many clients.

We strongly recommend you to print this document and keep it in a safe place. Do not keep digital copies of this document to avoid possibility of hacking. If you do keep a digital copy, protect the excel file with a password too. This is way you just need to remember one password.

Password is considered strong when contains mix of lowercase/uppercase characters, random numbers and special symbols. Avoid using same password twice.

It can seem like an easy task to remember all of your passwords but it is not easy especially when you have many websites and blogs to manage. Spreadsheet123 Hosting register is designed to help you organize your passwords in central place for easy access.

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